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The General Consensus

Last week I wrote a blog post about how I had taken a sabbatical from social media for seven days. At the time it didn’t seem as too big of a commitment, and I needed a break from the constant updates and tags, but as the days wore on, I realized how much I looked to my phone to fill the time in my day. I am in bed a lot, so having social media and everything at my fingertips is amazing, but I realized I was relying totally on social media to keep my brain entertained and it had become mildly obsessive to be blunt.

As I wrote in my previous post (linked here), I wanted to share the things I learned with you! This blog will be what happened in general during my social media sabbatical and the next blog will be about what I learned from Scripture during the break. So without further ado, here is what happened! I was less irritable.Guys I am not even kidding. And truth be told I didn’t notice it until I put the apps back on my phone after the seven day hiatus. For example, I realized I was…

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