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Hi again!

Two blogs in two days. I like to think you're all thinking, "Yaaasssss." That's what I like to think at least! Before I start sharing what I believe was revealed to me in Scripture, I wanted to go over what I use to study. It isn't anything fancy, but I felt compared to share!

I use the same Bible I have had for, I think, ten or fifteen years. It is called The Ryrie Study Bible in New American Standard and is published by Moody Press. My mom got it for me from some guy's garage because it was her favorite translation of the Bible. Apparently, this man had had a stock pile of about fifty of this specific Bible. And this particular print stopped being manufactured around the 1970s so my mom went to town.

The journal I have is one I bought for myself from Target probably five years ago. It is a hard back, which is necessary for me because I tend to be pretty hard on journals, and the paper is lined. And the markers I use for highlighting are Tombow pen…

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